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Tame Valley Academy

'Achieving Excellence Together'


I am delighted to welcome you to the Tame Valley Academy website. We are a school where the diversity of the local community is embraced and where we hope all our families feel valued and supported. At our school expectations are high, learning is relevant and fun for all and community partnerships are well embedded. One of our key aims is to ensure that all our pupils are equipped to go out into the world and make it a better place.


Everything we do in school is driven by our children and we prioritise providing a safe, happy, stimulating environment for them to work in. We deliver an exciting curriculum with a strong emphasis on challenge and progress for all, whatever the starting point.  The academy curriculum is based on the National Curriculum with a particular emphasis on reading, writing and maths. The rest of the curriculum is taught through a variety of topics. We ensure that lots of exciting practical and outdoor learning opportunities are provided to ensure that our children have as many of opportunities to experience different things and visit different places as possible. We nurture key skills such as independence, perseverance, self-esteem and resilience in all our children in order to equip them for life long learning.


We treat all children as individuals and operate a structured and positive approach to behaviour management. The structured framework for behaviour keeps rules to a minimum and is developed in partnership with the children. This helps to create a calm and safe environment for both children and adults, where self discipline and concern for others are paramount.


We believe in an inclusive environment where all children are welcome in our academy regardless of race, gender, ability, culture, religion or disability. Our Equal Opportunity Policy is designed to enable all children to have equal access to the curriculum and an equal chance to achieve their best.


Our School, Eco and Parent Councils ensure that pupil and parent voice are strong in the school and we highly value the contribution they make to driving the continual cycle of school improvement.


At Tame Valley we operate an ‘open door policy’ and are very pleased to be a partners with parents and children in their education. Class teachers are available every afternoon in the playground to address any issues or queries. I am also available in the playground every morning and afternoon.


Chris Nock