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Tame Valley Academy

'Achieving Excellence Together'


At Tame Valley Academy we aim to fulfill the aims of the National Curriculum through a variety of approaches that will enable our pupils to be fluent in fundamental skills, be able to use mathematical reasoning and to be able to apply their mathematical skills through solving problems.




Developing children's skills through enhancing their factual knowledge and providing opportunities to explore these in a variety of contexts to allow them to deepen their mathematical understanding and be able to apply a range of strategies in order to solve problems.


Mathematical reasoning:


By providing opportunities for pupils to reason, enables them to recognise patterns, make predictions and choose effective methods to solve mathematical problems. The development of mental calculations and efficiency in strategies will provide children with the fundamental skills to allow them to solve problems effectively using appropriate mathematical language.


Problem solving


We aim to enable pupils to apply their mathematical skills both in mathematics and in different contexts and across a range of subject areas. Pupils will develop the skills needed to work systematically to organise information, find patterns and ultimately solutions through independent and collaborative learning.




* In the EYFS, children’s achievements are on going and are assessed against the Early Learning Goals.


* Levels are no longer used to assess children and pupils attainment in mathematics will be assessed in relation to age related expectations as set out in the new curriculum.


* Statutory assessments take place at the end of Year 2 and Year 6